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We always and will continue to ensure proper sanitization procedures. Stay safe and mask up!

We always and will continue to ensure proper sanitization procedures. Stay safe and mask up!

Life is better with a little MITOTE

Welcome To El Mitote Cafe

Where we're all about brewing up a good time! Meet Adrian, our fearless founder, who decided that life after college should be all about sharing fantastic flavors and creating a hub for lively chatter in the community. That's right, we're not just any coffee shop – we're a coffee truck with a twist, inspired by the fun and flavorful world of Mexico's hot beverages, courtesy of Adrian's mom's homeland.

At El Mitote, our menu is a wild ride of taste sensations, with creations like "gansito," "chocolate abuelita," and "cafe de olla" that'll have your taste buds doing the cha-cha. But what's the deal with our name? "Mitote" is all about having something interesting to chat about while you enjoy a hot cup of brew. Our goal is simple: provide you with a place to escape the everyday grind, savor fantastic coffee, and have a blast with friends old and new.

So, forget about life's worries for a while, and join us at El Mitote Cafe for a caffeine-infused adventure like no other. We're not just serving coffee; we're brewing up memories, one cup at a time. Come be a part of our caffeinated fiesta!

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Take a Piece of El Mitote Cafe, with you ! From water cups to hoodies. We've a variety of items that we're sure you'll love!

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Abuelita Hot Chocolate

At El Mitote, we are on a thrilling gastronomic odyssey, crafting an exhilarating menu that boasts delectable creations.

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Experience the flavor fiesta! Order online now and savor 'gansito,' 'chocolate abuelita,' and 'cafe de olla' from El Mitote Cafe. Join the adventure one cup at a time.

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